Project Portfolio

Here is a sampling of some of the many projects I have completed.  They are organized by the type of deliverable, and include one or two samples for each type. Others that might more closely match your needs are available upon request. Note that those in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint formats are the actual customer deliverable (before final publishing).

White Papers

Understanding Potential Induced Degradation [PDF] written for Advanced Energy

Fuel Cells: Clean, Dependable Power for the 21ST Century [DOC] written for ClearEdge Power

The OpenADR Primer [PDF] written for the OpenADR Alliance

Laying the Foundation for the Grid-Tied Smart Inverter of the Future [PDF] written for PV Powered

The Power to Extend the Life of the Data Center [PDF] and Optimization: The Next Step for Server Consolidation & Virtualization [PDF], written for Power Assure as part of a series of white papers

How the Choice of Battery Power affects a Design’s Total Cost of Ownership [PDF] white paper written for Infinite Power Solutions

Latest Advances in Touch and Display Integration for Smartphones and Tablets [PDF], a white paper written for Synaptics

Wireless WAN for the Smart Grid [PDF] and Application Domain Partitioning for the Smart Grid [PDF], a pair of white papers written for Trilliant

A Primer on Primary Lithium Batteries [PDF] written for Contour Energy Systems

Stimulus Funding for Broadband Access: A Best Practices Guide for Receiving NTIA and RUS Funds [PDF], a "thought leadership" white paper for Aperto Networks

The Business Case for Wireless Broadband Access [PDF], a white paper written for Proxim

Empowering the Mobile Enterprise [Microsoft Word] and Nokia One Business Server [Microsoft Word], a companion set of white papers written for Nokia targeting business executives and IT professionals, respectively

Contributed Articles

Solar Power World cover story on Earth Anchor Foundation Systems [PDF] ghost-written for Nuance Energy

Energy Central article titled Reinventing Demand Response with Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage [PDF] ghost-written for Stem

Renewable Energy World article titled Distributed Energy Storage Benefits on Both Sides of the Meter  [PDF] ghost-written for Demand Energy

PowerGrid International article titled Breaking Down Barriers to Residential Demand Response [PDF] ghost-written for Energate

Green Ovations article titled Smart Home Energy Management with or without the Smart Meter [PDF] ghost-written for Energate

ECN Magazine article titled ZigBee 101 [PDF] ghost-written for Energate

Data Center Journal article titled Managing Power Usage with Energy Efficiency Metrics [PDF] ghost-written for Power Assure

PennEnergy article titled The Home Area Network: Architectural Considerations for Rapid Innovation [PDF] ghost-written for Trilliant

HPC Wire article titled Ethernet's Role in Greening the Datacenter [PDF] ghost-written for Woven Systems

Leveraging Mainframe Management in Multivendor Networks [Microsoft Word], an article ghost-written for Cisco Systems

Case Studies

Energy Concepts [PDF] written for Nuance Energy

Iberdrola USA: Central Maine Power [PDF] written for Trilliant

Putting the Smart Inverter to Work at Portland General Electric [PDF] written for PV Powered

New System Reduces Fort Bragg Energy Bill by $1.8M [PDF] written for LonMark International

Cable & Wireless Chooses Nokia for Managed Firewall and VPN Services [PDF], a customer case study

Application Notes

Mitigating Panel Polarization [PDF] written for Advanced Energy

Automatic Meter Reading [PDF] application note for SkyPilot Networks

Improving Business Processes with IP Telephony-Enabled Applications [PDF], an applications note for BlueNote Networks

Solution Briefs

Taking Full Advantage of Demand Response Programs in Texas [PDF] written for Blue Pillar

The Packaged Solution Advantage: A Turnkey Alternative to Custom Energy Management Applications [PDF] written for Blue Pillar

Brochures & Backgrounders

SunSpec Alliance Backgrounder [PDF]

Nokia and Check Point [PDF] "The Power of 2" partnership brochure

Website Content

A Guide to Maximizing SEPA’s New Website [PDF] for the Solar Electric Power Association

Product overview [Microsoft Word] for Hatteras Networks


A presentation Introducing the International Softswitch Consortium [Microsoft PowerPoint]


The ISCnews [PDF], a quarterly newsletter for the International Softswitch Consortium

Sales Tools

VPN Cost Savings Analysis for the Enterprise [PDF], a resource guide for Ascend Communications describing both the quantitative and qualitative benefits of a virtual private network. The companion "VPN Cost Calculator" on page 25 was created separately as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (with detailed instructions).

Company Confidential

In addition to the above "public" documents, much of my work also involves projects of a proprietary nature that cannot be posted as samples here.  These include:
    •  Market Research
    •  Competitive Analyses
    •  Proposal Boilerplate
    •  Sales/Channel Training Guides
    •  Business Development Initiatives
    •  Product Requirement Documents


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