Proven Process

To complete projects on time and within budget, I follow a proven 8-step process of project management:

1. Perform complimentary phone consultation session
2. Generate a preliminary proposal in the form of a Project Description that...
... Establishes objectives
... Defines all deliverables
... Outlines the process (including client involvement)
... Estimates work scope and schedule
3. Client modifies/approves the Project Description
4. Conduct research and subject matter expert interviews (if needed)
5. Create a high-level Structural Outline for client review/approval
6. Create a Detailed Outline (the equivalent of a First Draft) for client review/approval
7. Produce additional draft version(s) for client review/comment
8. Deliver final version in ready-to-publish electronic form, complete with diagrams provided by the client

I am comfortable working on a "handshake" arrangement, but am also willing to sign a client's nondisclosure agreement and/or contractor agreement.  Alternatively, I have a Basic Nondisclosure Agreement [PDF] and a "no surprises" time & materials Project Agreement [Microsoft Word] as a convenience for my clients without their own contracts. 

Download a copy of From Mindshare to Marketshare—The White Paper's Role [PDF] for some ideas on choosing both generic and product-specific topics, as well as How to Write a Great White Paper [PDF], an article that describes the MAP (Message-Audience-Purpose) method I use in many of my projects. 


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